Bumpdate: 12 Weeks (First Trimester)

Well, we made it through the first trimester! Yay… hardest part in my books is done and dusted in 12 weeks. The morning sickness has been rough and very testing. Medication has helped but isn’t a fix-all. I thought I’d round up all my symptoms and all my first-trimester favorite things, and pop them here for all my fellow pregnant peeps! I hope you can feel a little less crappy, knowing that someone else is going (or has gone through) these things as well…

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Fatigue & Tiredness
I try to take naps in the day when Evie does, around midday for about 45 minutes or so. That way I can make it through the day/night without being deliriously tired. Otherwise, if I miss out on a nap I’m so tired and go to bed at like 7pm.

Lower Back Pain
This started from before we even knew I was pregnant. Not sure if that’s normal, but it hasn’t gone away yet either. Sometimes it flares up, sometimes is dull, but it’s always there. Usually, Tylenol (Panadol) helps with the pain, but it is constant, so I don’t usually take anything for it unless it’s really giving me major trouble.

Vomiting & Nausea
This one has been the worst. I was nauseous from one week after we found out (so at about 5 weeks), I struggled through it for a month or so until I caved and started taking my leftover Dicelgis tablets from my last pregnancy which has helped immensely. My doc has a similar product available she’s given me samples for if nausea persists past 14 weeks.

Acne & Dry Skin/Lips
Ugh… this one was new to me. I’ve never really had acne before. I would get an occasional pimple or breakout, but this was a hugely unpleasant surprise this time around. I didn’t get acne with Everley, so to find my skin breaking out this way was a real unexpected downer. Along with dry cracked lips, I’ve not been feeling my “best self” lately, thanks to these two lovely symptoms. Next item on the to-do list is to find a good dry skin facial moisturizer (if you know of any good ones, drop a comment below)…

Constant Blocked Nose
This one surprised me. But upon some research this is sometimes common due to the excess blood flowing when pregnant, it can cause your nose/sinuses to become inflamed and in turn, blocked. I’ve always had sensitive sinuses, so I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who gets a stuffy nose until she delivers. Haha.

Vivid Dreams
Haha, dreams. I never normally remember my dreams unless they’re nightmares. But apparently, almost every night I wake up and remember exactly what I dreamt. Like last night, I was stuck in an elevator and then it opened and I walked straight into a pool on the top floor with amazing views to a random city skyline. Weird and vivid.

Weight Gain & Bloating
Not my favorite, but expected. This pregnancy I started out a good 5kgs heavier than I did with Everley, weighing 69.5kg (roughly ~150lbs). So far I have put on exactly 2kgs (~4.5lbs), currently weighing in at 71.5kgs (~157lbs). Estimated weight gain in the first trimester is between 0.5kg – 2.5kgs (1-5lbs). Which is apparently on the higher end of the estimated first-trimester weight gain, but still within range. I carried heavily with Everley as well. Most of that I attribute to bloating. I struggle to drink enough water as I find it makes me feel sick as I feel full of water and my belly carries IT ALL! But water is necessary y’all! So yes, I am showing already, and have been since about 10-11 weeks.

Comparing my Pregnancy to Others
I have to keep reminding myself that everyone carries so differently with their pregnancies and just because I’m already on the larger scale, doesn’t mean I’m going to have a ginormous baby. Everley was only 7.7lbs. And I gained 10kgs (22lbs) total with her.
Also yes, my bump may look the same size as someone who is 20 weeks or later, but that’s the beauty of individuality. And I should also note, maybe think twice before commenting on someone’s bump… telling a pregnant, hormonal, tired/sick mama-to-be that they are “HUGE”, “showing extremely early” or “am I sure I’m not having twins?” can be something that affects her self-esteem and how she sees herself. It is never OK to comment or assume anything about someone’s pregnancy. You wouldn’t comment on someone’s body if they weren’t pregnant, so now is not the time to start. Words can hurt and you may have no idea what that mama-to-be is going through behind closed doors. Speak kindness and always uplift. That’s what we really need to hear from you!

Tomatoes, in any form. Tomato soup, cherry tomatoes in pasta, on pizza, in a salad. Tomato sauce. I contemplated drinking ketchup. Yes, contemplated. No, I did not actually do it. Self-control. Haha.
Beans, beans and more beans. Baked beans, white beans in anything, chili crock-pot recipes. Yum!
The occasional sweet snack craving will hit hard. Not so much all the time, but after meals, I always feel like something small and sweet to finish it off. Like a Strawberry Starburst, or a Mini Stroopwaffle. Trying not to go crazy on these ones, like donuts and cupcakes that I make or buy in batches and they need to be eaten quickly. So trying to stick with small sweets I can have in very small doses instead. And so far so good!

Headaches & Caffeine Withdrawals
I’m not drinking more than one coffee a day, but it seems like if I miss that coffee I get severe headaches. Plus late at night if I’ve been watching too much TV or looking at a laptop screen, I will get these killer headaches. The headaches can sometimes be attributed to blood flow too, and my blocked sinuses, as they tend to hit me right between the eyes. That’s never fun!

Increased Sense of Smell
The moment we knew we were pregnant, perhaps even before we found out, my sense of smell was out-of-this-world accurate and strong. I could smell Everley’s poop before she’d pooped it out, that’s not a joke. This is something that continues even now and I had it my whole pregnancy with Everley as well. So I don’t expect this symptom to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Tender Breasts & Nipples
This one is one of the worst. Since day one, my boobs have been so sore, and it seems that the longer into your pregnancy, the worse they get. Probably because they are expanding and going up a few cup sizes in a matter of months. But not just tenderness, extreme nipple sensitivity as well. Such as the shower hurts them, or a t-shirt brushing up against them as I put it on is excruciating. I don’t know if other mamas-to-be experienced it this bad, but it is like a no-go zone!

Increased Sex Drive
Sorry if this is TMI, but last time I was pregnant it was the same for me. The first trimester although rough with sickness, whenever I was actually feeling good, which was usually at night, I would get all kinds of frisky. This is one of Rohan’s favorite symptoms. Haha. It’s not usually like me to instigate things, but when pregnant, it’s different for some reason. Let’s blame the hormones, shall we?

Extreme Emotions & Homesickness
TV Commercials got me all emotional up until about Week 10. Now, instead of crying during the T-Mobile commercial or all of the heart-tugging Huggies ads, I am longing for home. Itching to be close to family knowing how much our lives are about to change… again, and how wonderful it would be to share all these milestones and experiences in person, rather than through WhatsApp and FaceTime calls (that stinking time difference makes it even harder). This one has been the toughest at the moment, as there isn’t much I can do for it, except try even harder at staying connected and feeling close to those who are far away.

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12 Weeks 3Pin It


Pregnancy Pillow
This I could not sleep without! It also helps with tender, heavy breasts, shoving it between them and between your legs lets you get some rest, comfortably through the night. Had this from the moment I found out I was expecting (4 weeks). Let’s be honest, I’ve been using it even when I wasn’t pregnant after having Everley. It’s my best friend.

Medication (Diclegis)
My medication seems to be the only thing that gets me any relief from my extreme nausea. Ask your healthcare professional about your options. Everyone is different and there may be options for you! I’m hoping not to be on it now I’ve reached 12 weeks. But we shall see! Crossing all my fingers and toes for this one! Will keep you updated in the next Bumpdate post.

I have one coffee a day. If I miss it, I get severe headaches. I have never been a coffee addict, and rarely would have more than one a day anyway, but find that if I go without, the symptoms are maximized while pregnant. To avoid headaches, I have one in the morning after I’ve eaten breakfast. And that usually keep the headaches at bay, unless they’re happening for another reason.

Dressing Gown (Robe)
If I don’t have to wear pants, I won’t. I’m being so serious right now, so stop laughing. I practically live in my robe every day at home. Mom bun, dressing gown, and no make-up. As comfortable as I can be. Here are some I’ve got my eye on…

Maternity Underwear & Jeggings
From about 9 weeks, my normal underwear was too tight which made me feel sick. Fortunately, I knew these existed from my pregnancy with Evie. And had them on standby… they’ve been a lifesaver. Same with maternity clothes. Here are some of my favorites…

Keep one by my bed at night, one in the bathroom so I see it every time I go to the bathroom. And one in the car. Helps me remember to use it and has saved my lips from being dried prune lips. I’ve always used the Chapstick brand, but here are some others I am loving right now too…

Savory Crackers & Toast
Caught this one early this time, and started having savory crackers by the bed so at night when I felt nauseous or in the morning before I woke up, I had something to nibble on. Now, Rohan makes me a piece of toast before I get up and it settles well for me to start my day.

NOTE: Our site may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking a link I recommended, I may make a commission off that purchase through that site.

12 Weeks 4Pin It


Brooke-Lyn wears a Calvin Klein matching underwear set, alongside her white letterboard featuring “12 Weeks”.

The baby bassinet is one we have had since Everley was a newborn, but it is still available here and we absolutely LOVED it, so will definitely be using for Bub #2, along with the rocking stand (not featured in post images). The baby onesie is from Old Navy and is the softest baby item I’ve ever touched, so we naturally had to have it, plus it’s super tiny! The wooden blocks are the nicest ones I’ve found and they’re Amazon Prime eligible!

NOTE: Our site may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking a link I recommended, I may make a commission off that purchase through that site.